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Oh, Nathan.
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Castle Season One Icons 
13th-May-2009 03:40 am
Glee:Niff - Warbler Practice
820 Castle Icons. Yes, you heard right. IT'S OVER EIGHT-HUNDRED.

These are all the icons I've made throughout the season. Huge thanks goes out to sapphs and carpenyx for the great screencap galleries. Couldn't have done it without you guys. Much love. ♥

Cross-posted all over. Apologies if I spammed your friends list!

[001-130] Castle 01x01
[131-205] Castle 01x02
[206-275] Castle 01x03
[276-325] Castle 01x04
[326-370] Castle 01x05
[371-445] Castle 01x06
[446-535] Castle 01x07
[536-610] Castle 01x08
[611-695] Castle 01x09
[696-815] Castle 01x10
[816-820] Nathan/Stana

[1] Do not repost. Do not hotlink.
[2] If you use, you must credit michygeary. That just means put something like by <lj user="michygeary"> in the "Comment" section of the userpic when you upload it.
[3] No alterations to the icons. These are not bases. If you want to use screencaps to make your own icons, see sapphs's gallery or carpenyx's galleries.
[4] Please comment if you're taking some. If you take a whole bunch, you don't have to list out which ones. But if you do tell me which ones, please go by the number above the icon, not by the filename number. Just to keep things organized. :D


( Warning -- VERY image-heavy )

I'm unbelievably sorry that I had to put a link to another website. LJ has ridiculous limits for LJ posts, and I spent three hours trying to figure out how to get the table to fit. I failed. T_T

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