KNTR auctioning 31 hours of Nathan Fillion!

Attention all Nathan Fillion fans!  Have we got a treat for you! The Kids Need to Read Foundation has procured for your viewing pleasure, a DVD collection of Nathan’s work that is impressive to say the least.  To sweeten the deal, we have had our favorite actor sign each of these fine, cinematic treasures!

In this set, you will receive:

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog [2008] Widescreen - -DVD disc signed by Nathan

Serenity: Collector’s Edition [2007] Widescreen - -Cover of DVD set signed by Nathan

Waitress [2007] Widescreen - - Cover of DVD signed by Nathan

White Noise 2 [2007] Widescreen - -Cover of DVD signed by Nathan

Outing Riley [2007] Widescreen - - Cover of DVD signed by Nathan

Slither [2006] Widescreen - -Cover of DVD signed by Nathan

Done the Impossible:  The Fans' Tale of 'Firefly' and 'Serenity' [2006] Widescreen- - Cover of DVD signed by BOTH Nathan and producer/director Brian Wiser

The Fringe:  Acting Up [2006] Full Screen (Narrated by Nathan) - -DVD disc signed by Nathan.  This DVD is no longer available for purchase.

Joss Whedon:  The Master at Play [2005] Widescreen (Introduction by Nathan)- - DVD disc signed by Nathan.  This DVD is no longer available for purchase.

Water's Edge [2004] Widescreen - -Cover of DVD signed by Nathan

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:  The Complete Seventh Season [2004] Full Screen- - You will receive the entire boxed set.  The cover of the DVD set is signed by Nathan with this note, “You are dirty.  You can’t help it.”

Just think of the hours of entertainment this set could bring!  Over 31 hours by our calculations.  So, pop some popcorn and pull up a chair!  You'll be happy you did! While you are there, how about picking up one of our The Kids Need to Read Foundation 2010 Wall Calendars? They are breathtaking and everyone needs a calendar at some point!

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Castle up for nine nominations!

2009 Amy Awards
You can vote:
"Castle" for Best New Show
"Nathan Fillion" for Hottest Actor
"Richard Castle" for Best New Character to a New or Returning Show

TVWOP Tubey Awards
You can vote:
"Castle" for Best New Show (page 1-4)
"Castle" for Most Underrated Show (page 5-8)
"Nathan Fillion" for Best Actor (page 9-12)
"Laser tag game" for Best Performance By an Inanimate Object (page 17-20)
"Castle and Beckett" for Best Almost-Romantic-But-Not-Quite Relationship (page 17-20)
"Castle and Alexis" for Best Family Relationship (page 21-24)

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Castle Season One Icons

820 Castle Icons. Yes, you heard right. IT'S OVER EIGHT-HUNDRED.

These are all the icons I've made throughout the season. Huge thanks goes out to sapphs and carpenyx for the great screencap galleries. Couldn't have done it without you guys. Much love. ♥

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[001-130] Castle 01x01
[131-205] Castle 01x02
[206-275] Castle 01x03
[276-325] Castle 01x04
[326-370] Castle 01x05
[371-445] Castle 01x06
[446-535] Castle 01x07
[536-610] Castle 01x08
[611-695] Castle 01x09
[696-815] Castle 01x10
[816-820] Nathan/Stana

[1] Do not repost. Do not hotlink.
[2] If you use, you must credit michygeary. That just means put something like by <lj user="michygeary"> in the "Comment" section of the userpic when you upload it.
[3] No alterations to the icons. These are not bases. If you want to use screencaps to make your own icons, see sapphs's gallery or carpenyx's galleries.
[4] Please comment if you're taking some. If you take a whole bunch, you don't have to list out which ones. But if you do tell me which ones, please go by the number above the icon, not by the filename number. Just to keep things organized. :D


( Warning -- VERY image-heavy )

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It is VERY IMPORTANT that we show our support for Castle now! Please don't brush this off thinking "Eh, Castle will be fine." That is exactly not the attitude we want. Whether you believe the danger or not, it's important that we show our support so they know we want a second season.

What can I do to help? (in order of helpfulness, starting with most)

  1. Call the hotline. (as much as you can -- one a day would be a great start)
  2. Write a snail-mail letter.
  3. Write an email. (same as calling)
  4. Mail in your "chess pieces" to Save Castle.
  5. Pre-order the DVD and write a 5-star review.
  6. Watch the episodes on Hulu and (they track these).
  7. Vote in the TVSeriesFinale Poll.
  8. Vote in the Zap2It Poll.
  9. Download the episodes on iTunes.
  10. KEEP IN MIND: Positive feedback is best! If you can, try to avoid mentioning "cancelation" at all. Just express how much you're enjoying Castle and why!
Below the cut you'll find contact information as well as some postcards I've designed if you want to participate in the Chess Piece Campaign to save Castle.

If my CASTLE is in jeopardy, I will sacrifice my KING to protect it.

( Resources... )

If you have any information, links, postcards, designs, etc, PLEASE post here and I will update this post!

Our support is crucial! Please do any/all of the above, every day, tell your friends, spread it around the internet, do everything you can!
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SAVE CASTLE - Please Vote!

Saw this article on castle_tv.

USA Today has an annual Save Our Shows survey. It's a list of shows in danger of cancelation, and you choose which ones should be saved or dropped.

There are a lot of other shows you might be interested in defending as well, so check it out and vote! There's also a text-box where you can expound on your desire to save the shows. It might help to add a litttle blurble about Castle and why you want to save it.

PLEASE spread the word! Castle's been slipping in the ratings, and we do not want it canceled.

This is a banner I made. Feel free to use it to spread the word!

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